Clinical Light

We are not meant
to live like this…

trapped in a screen
or lost in the mix
of electronic distress.

Bathed in clinical light,
our faces project fear,
fright, of what lurks
out there in the depths
of this electronic night.

What have we become
as a people? As a species?

A generalization, certainly,
but we are susceptible to
this pit of Broadcast Dementia.
As such, we so easily
forget the beauty that lives
in the trees and within us.

I resolve to know
the answers to the questions
my soul has forgotten.

My life is not misbegotten.

But, I am aimless,
feckless, and a bit blameless
for my life, so distressed.

Time is not changeless.

So, a year hence,
perhaps a bit more,
I will make the change
that lets me soar
like a bird, into the
trees, where the others
chirp, unbound, unweighted,
by electronic chains

and digital cages.

©️ Obol, 2018.

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