Slight, but Sleepy Smile

The months had passed,
leaving only peace behind.
We were safe in our
bedroom, safe in this life.

The golden light of the
electric lamp, bestowed
warmth like the flare
of a burning match.

Spring rain misted the paint
of the open window’s sill.
Its pattering splash
matched the heartbeat
song of my lover’s nap.

She slept beside me,
still pink from her bath.
I traced a constellation
on her freckled cheek.

A slight, but sleepy smile,
crept from her dream.
She turned toward
my touch
and her heart
turned toward me.

My kiss met her warmth
and we fell back to
the dream, where pattering
raindrops lulled
us to sleep.

©️ Obol, 2019.

Artwork credit.

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