From Soul to Soles

Rising from ashes,
or so the story goes,
the Phoenix of legend,
from the ashes, rose.

She was renewed,
reborn, given a chance
to find a new truth –
a new soaring dance.

What does this all mean?

Surely, this bird of fire
was never a real being…
but metaphor or parable from liars?

We need the Phoenix to fly higher.

Her nest, lay within our chests,
ashen ruins of lives riven,
like eggshells cutting pink flesh.
We survived. We are alive

because a spark glows
where our hearts once lay.
When our wings unfold,
arms, fire-filled, ablaze,

match the tail-feathers,
from Soul to soles,
stepping, burn forever,
as our Phoenix eyes glow.

Reborn, we know… reborn,
we burn brightly, shining like
the stars, as the morning
Sun rises, we, the Phoenix,

will match his heights
and fly so much higher.

©️ Obol, 2019.

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