Only Minutes

I dreamed of someone
that may not exist.

A passing meeting
in a distant airport,
a grazing touch,
a shared, electric jolt.

We each turned toward
the spark, locked eyes,
and laughed like children
at a childish joke.

We only had minutes
to speak before departing.

The final touch, a caress
of fingertips, left me feeling
your heart, beating,
and I knew
you felt mine, too.

When I awoke,
I felt genuine sadness,
because that fictional
moment can certainly
never come to pass.

It was so beautiful
and pure…

But, lady-in-the-dream,
I remember the curve
of your cheek,
the look of shared surprise
and realization,
that you, too,
would awaken to sadness.

But, if you look for me,
I will look for you,
and maybe,
in some distant place,
our fingers will touch
in the lightest of ways.

Honestly, I am compelled
to buy an airline ticket
to… anywhere, in the hopes
that this dream
foretold the truth
of a coming waking day.

©️ Obol, 2019.

I awakened to a nightmare spun from the absence of the dream.

6 thoughts on “Only Minutes

      1. That’s crazy. I’m a dreamer, so I totally understand vivid dreams. The real question is… was it a Significant dream?

      2. Probably, though I never understand significance. I’m left feeling a little haunted, honestly.

      3. That in and of itself has meaning. If you’d like to share the dream in detail (you can email me), I many times can help with interpretation of dreams. If not, that’s okay too. I love that you shared what you did here. It feels very special, as I read it. It reminded me of a very special dream I myself had.

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