I Will Dream in Blue

Mother Moon,
Lovely Luna,
do not dim
your light so soon.

I can’t sleep,
but if you kiss me
on the cheek,
I will dream
of the Moon
and hear the secret
that she keeps.

Mother Moon,
Lovely Luna,
I will dream in blue,
grey, and white,
and hum your dreamy tune.

Sing the song of Luna!

My mother, the Moon,
sinks to complete
the circle – her
gibbous arc
will dissappear soon,
beneath Old Sun’s shadow,
at the encroachment of noon.

But, in my dreams,
the Song of Luna
has only just begun.


Scream the song
into the face of the
burning sun.

© CG Tenpenny, 2019.

Isn’t it odd how the Muses speak to you? I’m rather fond of the theme in this piece, though I may come back and do some editing. I was laying ceramic tile in my kitchen when the hook struck me: “Mother Moon, do not dim your light so soon.” I think it’s a lovely line.

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