The Moon warms
like the Sun.

Its light runs,
like rivers,
flowing on,

in rivulets,
coldly touching
my heart’s old stone.

I see you, high,
so pure, so bright,
Moonburning eyes,

and the peel of
my pallid skin
shines on and you

are clearly shown
just how my Soul
reflects the glow

as the Moon burns in the night.

©️ Obol, 2018-19, from the vault.

Oh! I forgot about this one! Moonburning was one of my favorites from the old RWS blog. January, 2018, in fact. Seems like an eternity ago… In any case, I modified it slightly, but the spirit is the same. Since I’m writing about the moon during a beautiful, sunny day, I guess I should publish this again.

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