Life’s Little Bits

I learned
to choose what breaks,
bends, or is

shaken to bits,

by the spasms
and throes
of life’s little fits.

I learned
to hand over
the mismatched

hiding amidst

decades of trifles
or fine crystal gifts.

The bull is breaking
display cabinet doors
and grinding
my tea cups
to powder,
once more…

(a delicate handle
protrudes ‘tween
his lips)

as such,
he could not
seem more brash
or much prouder,
whilst surveying
the carnage
with fore-hooves
on his hips.

He thrashes
and crashes
and crushes
and smashes,

seemingly unaware
that I’ve learned
the pattering
as his hooves
the sacrificial
that hold no

yet remain
a sneaky tithing
to life’s angry
grinder of grist.

©️ 2019.

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