There is an Echo

There is an echo
from glimmering stars.

A divine rhythm
and tempo
that soothes
broken hearts.

Raise your palms
toward the midnight
and pray to the lovers
who swaddled the dreamlight
in the blackest of covers.

Beneath that silken veil,
the starlight is hiding,
and deep in the depths
it circles in time…





the hidden
are hopeful
and hungry
and wanting,

as small pin-pricks open
a way for the boldest,
and brightest,
to make
themselves known,


those winking eyes
look right
into the hearts
of the
newly awoken.

they are lonely,
but your hands are high,
waiting for a
midnight message
to alight.

At the same moment,
you have both arrived,
and glow together

in the cosmic night.

©️ 2019.

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