The Moon and Sun – Spoken Word

I attended the most lovely wedding last October. Two dear friends, who truly deserve the love they share, are bound for great things. I wrote this for them a few months prior, but was undecided on how to present it, so I’ll put it here for now.

Now with a spoken word track…

Between the Moon and Sun,
there is an ancient love
that spans the black depths
of the cosmos, far above.

He loved her, beautiful
Moon, so distant, brightly
shining her truth. Fair
lady, whispering the night.

She loved him, handsome
Sun, so distant, but she
felt his warmth, his love,
burn the night, so brightly.

Ancient eons passed,
gravity pulled them near,
and when they finally met
in the twilight middle,

their fingers touched forever,
dark tresses, corona blending,
foreheads pressed together,
as they looked upon the ending

of their pasts and paths,
odd orbits that kept missing.
There was no sadness, because
this was a new beginning.

It was then, their dance began,
high in the cosmos spinning.
The Moon and Sun, hand in hand,
began their dance, never-ending.

©️ Obol, 2019.

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