I’m Garrett (Obol), and I very much appreciate you stopping by!

I started writing fiction many years ago, but I’ve never been the sort that can push through disinterest. Perhaps that’s because I haven’t found the right idea yet, or it’s because I’m half squirrel. It’s probably just laziness and lack of writing discipline. Whatever. In any case, that lack of dedication, despite having some stories I really like, led me to dabble in poetry, which quickly became a powerful therapeutic practice and proved to be an excellent way to express abstract emotions.

Since I live with major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, this was a revelation. The practice has helped me tremendously. If you are living with similar burdens, you may also find the practice helpful. The biggest benefit, in my opinion, is ‘plausible deniability.’ If you’re feeling something dark, you can say it here in a million different ways, but the actual meaning is yours alone.

“There. I said it.”

Getting it off your chest can be very helpful. Seeing it in writing can really help understand and manage. In the off-chance you’re not a writer, or haven’t approached it this way, definitely consider it.

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