I Have Climbed the World

I have broken things
thought unbreakable.

I have created things
thought unmakeable.

I have climbed the world
and sat upon its crown,
only to count the jagged peaks
as I slid back down.

Yet, in all my earthly might,
I could never quite
get the sequence right,
so I broke hearts and created sorrow,
and the seed of what I just read
will add a thousand leaves
to the growing weeds of
my regretful tomorrows…

…and the chorus sang,

“It’s not all about you!”

Well, it needs to be,
because if she met
two men like (then) me,
perhaps I should
justly burn myself
on her Karmic altar.


I’m sure she has forgotten me,
but it’s always nice to discover
that you have some extra cash
inked from the ashes of old lovers.

©️ Obol, 2019.

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