Such a Heavenly Place

O’ peaceful day,
thank you for your breeze.

I have enjoyed the way
your wind bends
the branches of the trees.

This, my grassy field,
is such a heavenly place.
It grants me rest amid
the sparkle
of the sun’s warming rays
and the simple peace of being
the subject of
his kindly old gaze.

Bluest skies above,
greenest grass below

…and your gentle breeze?

Caress my cheek…


on with your whispers,
I promise I’ll listen,
but the old sun’s shimmering…

lulls me to sleep.

©️ Obol, 2019.

7 thoughts on “Such a Heavenly Place

      1. ohmygoodness it’s way too warm. Yeah, all the windows open, all the fans going. Work outside until I’m melting, move inside to cool down, then back out again lol. It’s been a very warm summer so far. I’d love a few days of rain.

      2. I’m in a soupy valley in Georgia, which is always hot to begin with. Right now it “feels like 103” outside. That said, I have air conditioning, so life is possible.

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