Harder than Gold

Granite is
harder than gold.

why are you so cold?

Seek that golden glow,
from the souls
of those known
or unknown,
and feel the warmth grow,
from the friction heat,
made when lonely
and hopeful meet,
as your old stone
begins to hum
with a light
all its own,

and, as I said,

granite is harder than gold,


expect some transfer,
a glittering substitute answer,
to the alchemical question
of whether gold transmutes
from stone.

gold-plating shines
just as brightly
as any heart
of solid gold

has ever shone.

©️ 2019.

Well, my vacation is at an end and it was most healing. A whirlwind tour through Netherlands, Germany, and France brought me closer to dear friends and made me miss my dogs more than ever. In any case, I picked up a stray Muse while in Otterberg and I think she has a few new whispers for me. Ciao!

10 thoughts on “Harder than Gold

      1. Generally, I find your poetry has a storytelling feel to it. Pointing the reader in a general direction without actually fully leading the way… or, no, maybe more like drawing the curtains to the side for a moment. There is an air of mystery and mysticism. This particular poem lacks that quality for me. You’re right, it does, in a way, feel old-world. I am not surprised that you have visited to the dark forests of Germany and came away with a poem like this. It feels more “in your face”, I suppose you could say. The mystery is gone, replace with cold facts. It works, because of the subject matter, I think. (Though… I usually would equate gold with warmth, as, when held in the palm of one’s had, it becomes warm almost immediately.) I’m not sure I am explaining myself well. It’s not that I don’t like it, per se, but more that I was jolted by it since it was unexpected.

      2. This is interesting feedback and I appreciate it. It’s tricky to separate “what I meant” from what I wrote, but think I see what you mean. Also, I just landed and I can’t wait to sleep for one whole month.

      3. After sleeping (finally) and thinking about this, I agree. This one is different because it’s almost literal. Normally, my goal is to write something that compels the reader to project on it. This one doesn’t leave much room, if any, for that. I suppose I just wanted to make a statement and not ask a question. It’s good to have better understanding of myself. Thanks!

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