A Midnight Angel’s Song

I tried so hard in life,
only to fail each time,
and when the sickness came,
work turned me away,
and the bank threw me
out on the streets.

Streetlights linger
to watch me cry
and only one angel
came to watch me die,
beneath a bridge
on the turnpike.

Midnight angel,
sing to me,
because I am cold
and half-starved.

I can clearly see you
and count the feathers
on your wings,
but I’ve hurt so long,
and the pain is so deep,

I can barely breathe.

The people of my city
would not feed me,
because empty is the
hole in their hearts.

“Tonight is cold, can you please…”

There was no spare blanket
to keep me from freezing.
I am starved for food,
love, and a little peace.

Sing to me, angel, sing.

Her black feathers rustled
in the midnight breeze.

I weep.

Only the streetlights
saw me cry
and only the midnight angel
saw me die,
there beneath
a bridge
on the southbound


©️ Obol, 2020.

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