Sail the Dream Sea

Lash yourself tightly,
against the night’s pull.

Her gravity lulls the weary,
lay, rest, and be soothed,
but, that old ebon lurker,
hiding in midnight trenches,
crawls up to taste the flesh
exposed by nightmare throes
of teeth-clenching.

Grasp the leather knot,
sinew-taut, bind yourself
before all hope is lost,
lest you find it was all
for naught, and the waves
take you before you cough
up saltwater dreams…

they choke even those
that fought.

Sail the dream sea,
tethered, but free
from those lurking things
let loose by the
Nightmare Queen.

Left hand, behind,
right hand, ahead,
one holds the grip,
and to the other,
rope is fed.

Advance in inches
toward the light.
Your horizons are freed
from fear and fright
by full sails
and fair weather…

the canvas warms
as the sun burns away
the night.

Be carried through the ether,
and drift along, leaving,
the horrors of the evening
far behind.

Ignore the wicked Queen,
and her wicked screams,
as she haunts the realm
from her throne of spite,
and rages at we,
the sailors of calmer seas,
who only wish to sleep

through the night.

©️ CG Tenpenny, 2018.

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