Sea Turtles Dream

Sitting here, under the sea,
I’m just trying to mix my briny tea,
but the clownfish used all the milk
for his morning coffee

…and the sea turtles…


about reading
the remnant leaf,
dry scones,
jam, and jelly,

but they love those little sandwiches –
sea cucumbers and creamed cheese.

“La dee da” – echoing.

Seaweed biscuits aren’t sweet,
so I hope the trade-winds bring
something tasty – a sinking
bundle from distant Darjeeling.

Because Earl Grey is gone…

he sank with poor ol’ Joe,
who’s bringin’ the kettle to a boil
on the fumarole’s
venting steam

…and Joe answers,

“La deee da.

My dear, the Octopus, the Queen,
please, pass the clotted cream
and don’t squeeze too tightly…

lest you crack the teapot
and spill your dream

on me.”

© CG Tenpenny, 2021.

A little whimsy for all you lovelies.

Art by Theresa Taylor Bayer.

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