Black Sea Bound

black sea-bound,

but parched throat,
thirsty – it cracks
on the swallow and gulp.

My flagon of stars
holds burning hope,
but coil a fist ’round
with nautical rope
and bellow,

“You cannot defeat me!”

Recoil from the silence,
because there is no answer.

This is the dark place,
shuddering from the ache
of Time’s death,

this lonely emptiness
and these quivering breaths,

epochs expand
from the birth of light
– in one exhalation
all things exist.

Sail on, mariner,
you are lost in
this eternal sheen,
close your eyes,
ignore the fact
that Mother can’t know us,
any more than the fishes

are known by the sea.

© CG Tenpenny, 2021.

I’m thinking about how fleeting everything is.

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