The Four-Fold Dress

twist, and fall…

The winter leaf
ignores all pleas
for immediate surcease
to this frigid thaw.

Make doe-eyed wishes
for beck and call glimpses,
as corpuscular rays peek
between sleepy branches,
and shine the Sun
into the infant eyes
of the newling green buds,
bearing life in fistfuls
and tranches.

Sweet Winter, eventually,
gives herself to Sister Spring,
who shakes out dried leaves
from the many pockets
of the four-fold dress.

It’s collar is scented,
a powerful reminiscence…

while Summer fills it more fully,
youthful Spring, so kind and sweet,
feels a deep longing to greet
her elder, Autumn, of whom
she had heard so much, but
will never meet.

For now,
in the four-fold gown,
she must first do her work,
then wash and press the soft cotton.
Kiss the cheek, gently
caress the sleepy brow
of beautiful Sister Summer
as she wakes in her nest.

Sip the springwine,
laugh and dress her –

the four-fold sisters’
sweet embrace
is their gift
and greatest

© CG Tenpenny, 2022.

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