Hopeless Seas

Carried away by hopeless seas,
uncharted depths of the deep,
crisp and blue, surface sweeps,
she, the wind whips the mist free.

Whether blushed or chapped,
reddened cheeks freeze, stinging,
‘gainst the raging upheaval, beast,
roar with the clawing coral things.

“I do not understand what I’m seeing,”

Said the captain, as she measured,
in fathoms, her sinking feeling.

Trace the path, on a single cheek,
the storm and the rage it wreaks.
Captain, kiss your lover’s brow,
bid her calm the squall and howl.

God’s wrath, to cleanse the earth,
wake and wave, couldn’t measure up,
to the howling wind and twisting wyrm,
coiled and bound by unspoken words –

the single tear is an ocean of hurt.

© CG Tenpenny, 2022.

Image generated by AI.

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