I am spellbound by you, Héloïse.
The warmth of your gentle hand
lingers on my cheek.

I am spell-bound to you, Héloïse.
Like an avalanche,
your sweet whisper
covers me.

We can dance and sing
until the end of time.

In the whisper of lovely words
our hearts begin to rhyme.

The poets take note,
as they scrawl
their aching

But the clever witches see
an entirely
different kind
of worth.

And, like you,
I am happily

By candlelight
and soft wool, remit,
sweet innocence,
warm dram,
warm draught,
replacing it
with a Sauternes kiss,

Such trembling bliss
from her smiling lips.

In this sleepy Dordogne town,
there is old magic all around.

Je ne parle pas Français.

I can’t understand what you say.
But, Héloïse, in your eyes,

I am spellbound.

©️ CG Tenpenny, 2022.

Lyrics I wrote today.

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