The Quiet Warmth of Earth

A glorious supper,
the final feast…
as the roots burrow
and decompose
the “Me.”

I am becoming one
with lessons hard-earned…
embracing the quiet
warmth of black earth.

We’re different,
yet the same,
I have learned.

I’d won long-sought worth
‘neath rocks, trees, and dirt,
as the elder, churning earth
spins ‘round its middling girth.

A gentle humming calls
in echoes, somewhere deep,
lulling me dreamily, I sleep
here in this earthen keep.

Repose with secret things,
renewed, reinvigorated,
restfully encircled
in the crushing arms
of the earthly mother,
verdant and green.

Here lay, “Peaceful things.”

We weep…
only to feed
the seedlings.

©️ CG Tenpenny, 2023.

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