Feather Tips

Bless our mother, the Phoenix,
as she soars above and between us,
reminding us both, that rebirth lay
in a place that can be reached.

Hold my hand and touch her wings,
and feel the heat that rebirth brings…

we will soar!

Together, each achieving more
than we could have ever expected

Gone are the days of
loneliness and the hopelessness
that came with being alone.

What will you do now that you can fly?
Will you burn higher or stay by my side?

Chase the sun, my lover,
and I will lovingly watch
the sky burn within your eyes.

We’ve reached the edge
of our universe
and we burn with glorious life,
song, and verse.
Two stars, binary, blazing in the night.

Are we Phoenix? Eternity?

It doesn’t matter, because
we are altogether right.

You’ve found your place among
the star maps and charts.

Back home,
the poets observe your beauty
in their rhyming arts,
but astronomers,
unprepared for something other
than the beauty of frigid numbers,
have no idea where to start.

I fell behind
somewhere in the night.
Far ahead – you blazed
in your righteousness.

The distance was too great.

Whether I sprint or race,
I fear I will never
again touch the tips
of your feathers
or see the starlight
warm your face.

Had I failed?

Was my love lost
to the whims and winds
of the cosmos and its cost?

Was I not matched in my love
by the Phoenix, still flying,
so high above?

In time, with certainty,
I knew that I had,
indeed, lost my way,
stumbling in some distant,
cosmic place.

The loneliness crept into my heart.

I yearned for those
missing pieces – my other parts.

Curled up and wishing death,
I felt a warmth; I could hear the whisper.

Eyes open, glory be,
I could see my love,
where the Phoenix dwelled.

My home, the Phoenix-star,

A close orbit… in death,
I was finally safe from harm.

©️ Obol, 2020.

This was lurking inside an old Instagram project. I’m not sure if I ever published it here.

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