An Interesting Photo

This odd little mushroom took up residence in one of my trees. An effective use of space, mushroom! Well done.

4 thoughts on “An Interesting Photo

    1. I think he’s still out there, too! Hmm. I need to research whether that could kill the tree somehow

      1. Well, mushrooms feed on the decay. So I don’t know if it’s like a maggot and only eats the dead stuff or if it spreads. I know most (if not all) fungus is mostly in the root system, like an iceberg, most of it you cannot see. So perhaps the tendrils of roots is already killing it off? No idea.

      2. Probably. It’s a wonder this tree has survived the storms of recent years. Maybe it’s dying. Oh well, it’s a small tree, so no risk to my house or the neighbors’.

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