An Echoless Place

Wax or wane,
dear Luna spins eternal
in an echoless place.

Silent dance, illumine,
reflected brilliantly
as Old Sun’s face
presses against the
distant nothingness
that holds each
in their place.

Luna dances
in the desperate hope
that one day, she alone,
might make glow
the cosmic blackness
that is her home.

But, for now,
she wields only
what is left
of the light
that Old Sun shone.

Spin, Luna,
to find your peace.
Between the blackest dusk
and the Maker’s dawn,
your time to shine
has come and gone,
but, wait a bit,
as the wheel does turn…

when Old Sun’s light
begins to ease
and his fire
can no longer burn.

Then you are free
from witness
to glow as bright
as you wish.

I wish for you, Luna,
that you may find
light beneath your surface
and the peace
that you have
dearly missed.

©️ Obol, 2019.

5 thoughts on “An Echoless Place

    1. Thanks! It’s one of about 30 pieces that exist within the “Eon’s Black Reach” continuum. “The Source, The Spring” is also one. This one is more peripheral, though

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