Labyrinthine Mazes


These waves,
their frothing rage,
drag me
through labyrinthine
coral mazes.

A haze,
so blinding…
salted, my eyes
are failing,
halting me…

I am denied
the air,
the breeze,
and the coral rakes me.

I bleed into the froth,
the foam, red,
splinters of bones,
herald my groan
as I am crashed against
the rocks.

Am I flotsam?
A vile detritus,
coating the glory of life
in its fleshy dregs?

I am.

The sun rises,
above the horizon,
flying higher
than the edge
of my waves’ pitiful

“I will sink,”

I pledged,

I died, only to become
one with the coral in time.

©️ 2018-2019.

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