The Sun Like a Crown

I had a dream
of the darkness
before sunrise.

a woman stood
on the horizon.

Her chin held high,
she wore the morning
sun like a crown.

Her golden hair,
surrounded me,
rushing down
in waves, a river,
to cleanse the age
from my brow,
and grant me
this new morning.

Sunsets and mourning…
I will forget them… for now.

I longed for her gaze,


and my nervous butterflies
flitted and prayed
for the same,
but before a boon
was granted,
I awakened,

and the Lady was gone.

I was angry,
but my butterflies
swore to keep

the faith.

© 2019.

7 thoughts on “The Sun Like a Crown

    1. Oh! You just reminded me when I took that picture. It was driving me crazy. I was flying to Anchorage, from Atlanta, and snapped the sunset through a frosty window.

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