Heart of the Earth

My head is pressed firmly
‘gainst the bosom
of the Mountain Queen.

Within her chest beats
the heart of the earth;

I could hear an echo
from the sea.

In that brief moment,
behind a waterfall
of tears,

I huddled,
reminded of my worth,

and I felt better
than I had
in so

many years.

©️ 2019.

10 thoughts on “Heart of the Earth

    1. Thank you! Well, since you’re a fabulous writer, you can easily be a Mountain Queen. Here, let’s play D&D:

      “You are the Mountain Queen. For as long as you can remember, you’ve watched the village far below you. Each night, the forge fire burns and the smith’s hammer can be heard all around you. Since the snow melted, the hammer has been silent and no fire burns…”

      What is the story?

      1. Moving your senses from high above, they melt down and rise again within the stones of your rivers and streams, down your steep sides and cliffs, pausing and listening, moving on. Then you hear it, shifting your senses, a form begins to take shape near the edge of one of your caves.

        A man crouches beside a fire built at its entrance. You summon your energy, with great effort you whisper to him. He lifts his bearded face, twists slowly in ancient soil and peers over his shoulder, deeper within your depths. You whisper and sigh. With deliberation he stands, touches your wall, looks at his boots, back to the fire, then into the darkness once more.

        Lifting his chin, he steps forward….

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