Peace in the Light

The sun warms our cheeks
and the trees bend to the breeze.

Old sun warms our cheeks
…peace in the light.

Cold water flows in the creek.

Cold water – old mountain brings,
forever by the moss, cleaned,
so sweet for us to drink.

Caught in the breeze
of sleepy summer.
Caught in the breeze,
down majesty’s hills.
Caught in the breeze
as autumn stirs from slumber.

Quench her thirst
with something cool
to drink.

Lay me down to sleep
‘gainst the gnarled tree.

May the roots pull me under.

There, I can be,
alive, quiet,
and clean.

There I can be,
at peace in the light.

In a thousand years,
now rooted,
these bone-memories
will echo today’s
toils and fears.

But, I am forgotten, so sit with me,
in the peace of the light.

Things are better now.
Things are better now.

After I’m gone, things get better.

But I am here,
hoping to hear
whispered poetry
in the place
I fell asleep.

Whisper to the gnarled tree,

“May you find peace in the light.”

© CG Tenpenny, 2022.

Lyrics to a pretty song I’m currently working on.

Here’s the neat guitar riff I’m building this song with:

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