Stardust, Rosin

With stardust, rosin
the comet’s tail, pulling
it gently across the rings
that weave Saturn’s veil.

The great god is mourning

Such a sad song,
filled with yearning –
it brings about the anger,
until lightning brightens

the void.

Beyond the farthest
hidden planet,
in the blackness,
where the secret things
are spinning,
lay Eon’s Black Reach,
and all of the horror
that lurks within it.

His mindless sorrow
boils and seethes,
as Old Sun’s smile
touches the farthest
of midnight’s reaches.

Eon is the blight,

the devourer
of good things,
wrought in anguish,
he orbits –

a singular arc of hatred.

But, still,
the lovers dance
in Luna’s dust,
without fear or fright
of Eon’s Black Reach
or the sweeping gaze
of his fearful eyes.

©️ 2020.

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