The Horses Blurred

I stood by,
as the horses blurred,
Pegasus neighed,
and the unicorns deferred
to the tiger’s whirr.

The elephant’s trumpet
can scare the camel –
up-and-down, he’ll flee,
but still, they’re blurred.

Finally, immobile and silent,
my eyes found purchase
on the detail that I desired –

a cloaked and beautiful rider.

She had passed me
a thousand times
and she would pass
a million more,
but in the flicker
of my dreams,

[if I brave the lion’s roar]

I can watch her pass
and feel her joyful laughter,
roared from the backs

of her carousel horde.

©️ Obol, 2020.

7 thoughts on “The Horses Blurred

      1. To be honest, I read through to the cloaked rider and felt I was missing something. I started again, reading slowly, really thinking about each line. By the time I got back to the cloaked rider I was pretty sure. By the next couple lines I knew I was right. So, it took me a second time to nail it down. But I adore the way you describe things. It is, in my mind, TRUE poetry. Your poems in the music book… ugh, I’ve read them probably twenty times so far and each time it just seems to get better. You are an amazing writer.

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