Your Star is Bright

Your star is bright,
but it shines
for such a short time.

Spend your light
to gain purchase
against the night.

Ball your fists and fight
away the ghouls,
the specters,
and the ravenous wights,
who hunger
for your brightness,

like black holes.

Simply say, “No.”

If they persist,
grant them
what they wish
for – an audience
with the queen.

When they’ve gathered
in their stinking,
huddled gaggles…

as their liars’ cloaks
and thieves’ masks
hide their idiot-smiles
with filthy tatters

…open your eyes
and speak your peace,
the flash, the flares,

your wrath,
they are burned
from your sight,
so granting the truth

a brief and deserved

©️ 2020.

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