Autumn Draped Her Shawl

Autumn snuck in
through the back door.

Tipsy, yet ever-elegant,
she quietly avoided
the creaking floorboards,
and draped her shawl
over Mother’s favorite chair.

Losing her balance,
she put a hand to the wall,
and giggled quietly
at her own silliness
and daring.

That night, she saw
her sister, Summer,
before her retreat
to rest
behind the hills.

They shared a bottle,
laughing through the bubbles
and lamenting
the short time they shared.

Soon, it would be Autumn’s
turn to sleep,
and she would make
Winter’s favorite drink…

hot cider,
with cinnamon,
a little rum,
and no love spared.

In these moments,
she thought of the fourth sister-
the one she had never met.

Mother had always said,

“You have her eyes.”

Proud of that,

Autumn blushed,
and deftly sneaked
past Mother’s bed,
pretending the ruse intact,
yet, as ever,
she could hear

Mother’s knowing sigh,
and a gentle,

“Tut-tut, child,
you have work tomorrow,
it is time to rest.”

©️ 2020.

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