Split Velvet

Against the brisk wind
the cattails are twisted
and split.

Brown velvet skin, rippling,
sets the downy seeds adrift,
early one day,
whilst the world
is quiet, cold,
and windy.

They depart, forthwith,
lovingly and laughing,
each holding hands
with their loyal friend,
the ‘ever-unstraying
Whistling Wind,
who is their eldest bearer,


though attended,
the seeds set out to sing
and share their gift.

The field mouse, the snake,
the beetle, bee, and crane,
have each made a memory
in the reeds…

they bend and they shake

before the stalks are rent
by the wind’s rumination.

These stories,
these tales,
are borne by the breeze,
and once witnessed by the seeds,
encapsulated, each,
they are, in the cattails.

Shared upon the wind,
downy seeds sail
across Mother’s realm,
to tell a tale
and to sing a song…

the bards wear velvet,

unbuttoned brown coats,
and with the wind,
they sing proudly
as they are carried along,

still chaperoned.

©️ CG Tenpenny, 2020.

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