Endless Sea

Goodbye, to the

and goodbye,
to the distance…
this great,
vast gulf,
(hush, here be monsters)
between you and me.

The sails are filling.
The sails are full.

Let the goddess whisper,


Let that be True.

Because, these full sails
are what brings me to y…

Pardon me,
for just a moment,
Damn you, Scylla!
Begone, Charybdis!

Where was I? Oh yes,
even if the sails were rent,
caught by the wind,
as the canvas once was,
and mercilessly whipped,

well, so what?

Now they are mended.

If the maidenhead is cracked,
know that it happened
when she looked at me,
askance, over her shoulder,
to make sure I was safe,

as the goddess intended.

© CG Tenpenny, 2020.

Image: The shipwreck of the Minotaur, by JMW Turner.

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