Best Spoken to the Night

I saw the wind
whipping hair
across your face

and your cheeks
went red, like roses.

East or west,
tell me which way to face
when I pray to you,


sing to me,
let me know it’s ok
to be alone
in this world.

I’m trying to find
the strength
to live and die,
in some honest
and meaningful way.

All there is to say,
is best spoken to the night,
in the small times
before the Sun
brings her light,

and to her,
I give thanks,

I am alone, but I
can see your eyes
behind the ebon veil
of night.

I can’t recall
the time and place,
but I was high,
on the cliffside,
when the sun rose
to warm my face.

Midnight whispers
and messages,
those little birds in flight,
rise into the air,
and to the dark,
they say,


© CG Tenpenny, 2021.

From a song I’m writing. I really love the melody and can’t wait to share a decent version with you.

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