A Beacon in the Mind

You are a beacon
in my mind,


into the eyes
of the inner-me.


What do I see
when I close my eyes?

Fire and gold,
a burning outline…

and this gulf,
bridged by
an unexpected gaze,
calm and capable,
nascent and new,
stars awaken
the darkness…

and you,
and you…

glow, light slips over
the horizon, cascading,
invigorate, enlivening
an old creature that pulls
against his taut bindings,

lured by the beacon
seared into his mind,
unmindful, and minding
his own business,
he prays
to the welcome,
but uninvited,

“You! Reach through
with your gossamer hands
and pull me from the edge,
so that I may begin anew.”

In these between-moments,
the dusks and dawnings,
we remain unsure
if the day will come calling
and replace the blackness
with a new sunrising.

“Reach for me, I’m falling.”

© CG Tenpenny, 2021.

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