I carved out a place…

it’s carved in my mind,
an edifice, defaced,
to hide all the bad times.

You tip over the stones
and pour out the urns.
Please give me my peace,
I feel that I’ve earned
these all-seeing eyes
and these brittle,



Grind them to meal,
and choke it all down,
you devoured me living,
death can’t stop you now.

Why so surprised?
By your knives,
I am killed.*
But, I can see you scream,

“Mistake! The horror!
I didn’t mean…!”

*The dead still feel.

What? To cut me so deep?

Cough and choke
between the bouts of weeping,
and realize


As the blood pours freely,
awash, the raging flood reddens
the walls, bleeding, seeping,
through the stones,
slow-drip, suffocate,
fill up the hole
where I’d hoped to find
my safe-keeping.

Now please leave and let me be,
so that I can finally sleep,
in the carved-out-place,
buried so deep…

where I wish to be

© CG Tenpenny, 2021.

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