The Spring’s Wine

One touch is her blessing,
the infinite hope brought
by a butterfly-wing-caress
sings for the needs of love,

“Is this all for naught?”

Turn your gaze to the sun
and feel her warmth.
Embrace the Spring’s wine
and sip her draught,
whilst the earthly creatures
seek their perch
on the upturned cheeks
of raucous winter children.

There the creatures lay,
amidst the downy silk,
soft like freshly-plucked peaches,
vibrant and beaming.

You remember this light
from bygone days.

Your own life, once new,
green, and gleaming…

Recognize renewal
in the choices you’ve made.
They were borne
by love and truth.

All of us, so often lost,
recollect our ways,
and slowly move along
to our warrens, dens,
and secret burroughs.

Monarch, glory be, sleep,
but quickly share the meaning
of the butterfly’s kiss,
lest the warmth of the day
turn this chance meeting


a fleeting


© CG Tenpenny, 2021.

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