Summer Eyes

“You seem sad,”
she said, summer-eyed,
through the window

…and I reflected

upon the moment,
and upon myself,
and upon the exhaustion
that threatened
to consume all else.

She was young and strong,
vital and vibrant,
a cloudless-sunrise-sky,
like gold, both gleaming,
and shining.

The corners of her eyes
betrayed an honest smile.
Thankfully, a thin veil
could not conceal
the warmth of the sunrise
trying to rise, then rising.


I took with me her given light,
as the moment passed.

Such is the gift of the sun…

the given strength
to walk a bit farther,
to live fully and further,
when certainty told you,

“Dusk has finally come.”

With the sadness at bay,
I returned to the living,
to rest and rise again,
blessed by Summer’s light,

her kindness,

and her giving.

© CG Tenpenny, 2021.

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