Among the Crickets


The crickets cry
as the darkness
reminds them to sing.

Because, like me,
they cannot breathe
between the strum of strings.

I can barely see
the silhouette
of a green mountain
in the distance.

in the sun,
hours past,
it bade me,


I did. I sung.

I wrote a song
here among
the crickets.

But they were asleep then…

now, in their din,
they wish me
to rewrite a verse
because it was unworthy
of the darkness, coming.

Now I’m nervous
about crickets
and what they think.

Their criticism hurts me
because I had too much
to drink.

The first line of that song was,

“Don’t forget what happened
on that green mountain,
it was there that I first held
your hand…”

I think.

© CG Tenpenny, 2021.

I’m at a campground in the Appalachian Mountain foothills, near Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA. That’s my campfire. I am writing songs and enjoying the fleeting coolness of early Autumn. I wish you peace.

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