Whole and New

Push back the brambles,
and onward I ramble
to a place where I might
grow, whole and new.

It’s not the pearly wicket
manned by Peter, is it?

Not even I could hope
hard enough
for that tale to be true.


I’ll find the thickets,
the mossy hills,
and crooked rivulets
thrown a’tilt
as twisting creeks.
Each softly sung to sleep
by the winsome song
of evening’s crickets.

Here, I will be whole and new.

I heal here – I heal for you.

New life from old growth
– this Spring of the Soul,
pushes out the brambles,
and onward I ramble,

toward (what I hope is)

my truth.

© CG Tenpenny, 2022.

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7 thoughts on “Whole and New

  1. I especially loved “I heal here – I heal for you”… the image that immediately came to my mind (by whatever means) was strong and hopeful and I like that.

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