Like Stone

I feel so heavy,
like stone or lead.

Like some arcane element,
buried deep, half-life burning,
a weird cracked-rumble-churning.

You can feel the pressure
and the fever burning
away old hopes
to leave ashes
of those dead –

Lace the fingers
of your cold right hand
in the dampened hair
behind my head,

and press the other palm
gently against my chest…


me into an earth
that so violently works
to turn me out
to the surface.

Press me long enough
for the roots to hook
and the moss to learn
how to hold me firm.

When I am fixed and still,
press your cold hands
against my cheeks

and wish me well,
for I have been long-dead,
but I didn’t know how
to tell.

© CG Tenpenny, 2022.

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12 thoughts on “Like Stone

      1. Yes!! I really want to see a collection of your work in print so I can pick it up anytime and read it. There’s always so much soul in your work.

      2. Gotta start somewhere! But I know what you mean. My first collection was like that. A little daunting but once I got started, it became easier than I made it out in my head.

      3. Maybe I should just do the ‘first 100’ from this iteration of my blog. That’s certainly easier. Then I can just do the next 100 for a second collection! Actually, that’s a fun idea…

  1. Hey, Garrett

    Read a great piece after a long time.

    There is so much depth and power in your writing.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, it was a great read.
Wishing you all the very best in your future writings!!

    It would be great if you could skim through some of my stuff. Would live your valuable feedback on them.

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