The Quiver of Life

I counted the arrows
as they filled the sky.

in equal measure,
hafts matching the
longest length
of the Quiver of Life.

Upon the rock,
I stood,
and bared
my arms wide.

At the gods,
I laughed and raged
and cried,

“I no longer fear you,
because the secret is mine!
Only I will loose
the bolt that strikes red
along the center-line.
For all these things I’ve done,
I will be the judge of self
and not subject my fate
to your Olympian lies!”

Arrows met flesh
and left a heart of holes.

I fell to my knees,

My matron goddess,
well, more a Muse,
Kalliope, rose,
glimmering, glowing,
as she knelt next to me,
so I could hear her sigh…

In her whispered tone,
familiar and low,
she calmly reminded,

“I said quiver and die.”

©️ Obol, 2019.

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