The Kings of Atlanta

Say goodbye
to the Kings
of Atlanta.

Weave their story
into the tapestry
of your life.

With threads of gold, silver,
and the reddest satin,
we can mend the holes
left by that moth-eaten time.

Jake was a big bear
from the foothills
in Summerville.

Before he got away,
he nearly lost a paw
in that trap of a town.

In Atlanta, I guess
he didn’t think the trees
were all that tall,
because he climbed
the wrong one,
got too high,
and couldn’t climb
back down.

I was trapped in Biloxi,
when Mikey called
to give me the news.
I can still feel my hand
on that rusty rail.

Carly held me
as she began to cry
and Biloxi became
a different kind
of Hell.

Bart and Jason…

well, they had such bright souls,
and they’d pretend to be mad at me
for not writing about the

Queen’s crown,

then they’d put on
their own regal circlets,
feign indignance,
and tip the gold
jauntily upon
their brows.

But the dire wolves
of a darker age
came calling,
caught their scent,
and ran them both
to ground.

Bart and Jason,
I feel such sadness
for not being at your side,
but a wolf of different sort
cornered and pinned
me down.

In truth, I didn’t know
any of you very well,
because I was a boy
trapped in a young man’s

If I could go back,
I’d tell you each

I love you,

hold your hands,
and bid you
a true friend’s

I say goodbye
to the three kings
of Atlanta.

I am better for knowing them.

I am proud.

© CG Tenpenny, 2021.

Thinking of those gone-on.

8 thoughts on “The Kings of Atlanta

  1. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to bear so much loss. The weight of emptiness is the heaviest. I’m in awe of your ability to rise after each crushing, and to turn wrenching pain into incredible art. You’re one hell of a soul. 💙

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