A Moon Hides

It’s a difficult thing
to believe that you’re
no one’s number one
and you’re last in line,

never the first thought
of someone’s morning.

I tell myself it’s fine
but I am liar
and I am alone,
lying beneath the moon
and her light
is a lie
all on its own.

But, the moment passes,
like a moon hiding
behind the hills

on the empty horizon.

©️ 2019.

2 thoughts on “A Moon Hides

  1. ohmygod yes. I feel this exact thing every. single. day. I try to say it’s okay… but inside, in reality, I know it’s not. I So very much want to be someone’s first thought. First desire. I have come to the conclusion, as I am a doomed romantic, that I won’t be… but I still *want* it. So, yeah… I feel every line, every word here.

    1. Thank you, Tara! It’s been a rough day and I was feeling it, but it always passes. I am sad that you identify closely with this, but we all have tomorrow.

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