Shine Like Gold

Shine like gold,
let slip the light
through a filigree mold
to illumine the night.

Let your lantern glow,
and its shadow-dance
will be unique,
and so-very-special
to all who know it.

Believe it,
the shadow’s play grows
from where the gold-shadow shone
and this lantern
in the blackness,
might be confused
for a keyhole.

What thing, unlocked,
can be seen
inside the soul’s
forge, between
those filigreed holes?

Follow the patterns,
clicks and rattles,

and unlock the light,

unlock the gold you own.

©️ 2019.

6 thoughts on “Shine Like Gold

    1. Thank you! Imagine seeing a lantern, surrounded by darkness. When you get closer, you realize it’s a really huge keyhole, just floating there. Mesmerizing thought and I’m not even stoned.

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