Bedtime for the Babe

The ever-bratty babe,
young kid-sister, Summer,
howled and stamped her feet,
furiously and red-cheeked,
at the scalding indignity
of Autumn’s timely arrival,
finally and carried lightly
by such a soothing breeze.

“I will never retreat!”

said the reddened-she,
as her heels dug furrows
into the cracked clay beneath.

Her anger,
so vivid and distinct,
is twinned to the quivering
ruts and dusty wrinkles
now etched above
the glint and gleam
of a gaze, withering

…a thirsty, piercing,


Autumn pleaded,
as the sweat beaded,

“It is time for you to sleep!”

behind a nearby hill,
briefly awakened from slumber,
a wide-eyed Winter,
the eldest of Four Sisters,
thanked her Lucky Stars,
and mercifully granted wishes,
that she’d not been chosen

as the howling child’s sitter.

©️ CG Tenpenny, 2022.

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